Burlesque and Why: The Naked Truth

Magnoliah Black has a touch of class to match her crass and is every bit as spicy as the New Orleans dishes she was raised on. This sweet southern debutante has been shaking it up with the wild women of Rubenesque Burlesque from San Francisco to New York and Oakland to Los Angeles with her ample ass and attitude for the past four years. You can find her at missadventuresofanungratefulphatbitch.com and rubenesqueburlesque.com. Her goal in life is to liberate the fat masses with every sashay and sway.

Magnoliah Black photo by Freak the Mighty

Alexa Von Kickinface is the babe who keeps her big brains in her bra! Described as a fun-sized cross between Marilyn Monroe and Pee-Wee Herman, Alexa displays a combination of big “talents” and big laughs. She has been featured all over the San Francisco Bay Area burlesque and drag scene, and she’s only getting started as she breaks into emceeing next! Alexa discovered the legendary School of Shimmy and found her own sparkly form of ecstatic feminism. She is delighted and humbled by this opportunity to share the true heart of her journey to burlesque and its powerful impact on her life. Follow @AlexaV_K or check out www.facebook.com/AlexaVonKickinface for the latest in the silly, sassy, and stoney life of this unique Bay Area treasure.

Alexa Von Kickinface photo by Freak the Mighty

Dottie Lux is known as San Francisco’s hardest working girl in burlesque and also as a three-ring circus in the shape of a woman. She keeps all her juggling balls in the air with a twice weekly show, two monthly events and just about as many private gigs as she can fit in. She studied writing for performance at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute and launched her burlesque career in 2001. Dottie has been known to bring color and pattern to such high class publications as the New York Times, Curve Magazine, and sfgate.com to name a few. With her troupe she has been on the cover of both the Bay Area Reporter and Go Magazine. Burlesque allows for character and satire and Dottie is excited to strip down to reveal more of herself than ever before. She can be found online at www.dottielux.com.

Dottie Lux photo by Freak the Mighty

Lay-Si Luna floats along the gender spectrum in front of a mostly unsuspecting audience.  This creative writer/educator/advocate for the under-appreciated uses burlesque as a celebration of atypicality. In an effort to escape a seemingly banal world she doesn't belong in Lay-Si Luna has always retreated to the fantastical. She runs her own zine "Tales of a Child Dyke" where she intertwines insight in the childlike workings of her mind with the cynical fuck tales of a comically morbid local. She has had the privilege of tabling at such events as the East Bay Zine Festival. Relatively new to the Bay Area Burlesque community, she receives her first theatre opportunity with Burlesque and Why where she reveals the person behind the persona. The reclusive one, always, on or off stage, but one to search out for. Find her at www.facebook.com/laysi.luna.

Lay-Si Luna photo by Freak the Mighty

The Cast of Burlesque and WHY

Ellion Ness photo by Freak the Mighty

The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins is a burlesque performer of 10 years who specializes in traditional burlesque performance of the 1960’s. This Queen of Queer Burlesque is heavily informed by burlesque/sexworker herstories, stories of working class resilience, and womanist theory. Ms. Jenkins can be found on the web at www.VaginaJenkins.com. And also on twitter as “VaginaJenkins” and on Facebook as “Vag Jenkins” (because apparently Vagina is a dirty word, but if you shorten it to Vag maybe it takes away some of its vulgarity?)

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Red Hots Burlesque Presents: Burlesque and WHY (The Naked Truth)


Stage Werx

446 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA

August 1-4

The average American conjectures many reasons why a woman takes her clothes off on stage, but rarely gets the opportunity to ask her. In Red Hots Burlesque’s first stage show Burlesque and Why!, an intimate cast of Red Hots’ star performers will get even closer to you with a behind-the-curtain storytelling stage show. Over the first weekend in August this cast of diverse women will bare their stories, addressing the gamut of sex work, body image, sexualization and more.

“Burlesque and WHY is finally sharing what I go through that I never talk about. Ever,” says performer Alexa Von Kickinface, a five foot tall performer who developed breasts very early. “I never talk about my boobs and what it’s like or how I feel about them… I almost feel like they’re my fault so why should I complain about them? Alexa Von Kickinface is not just a surface person. I’m also someone who thinks about the existential questions we all think about.”

With Burlesque and WHY performer Lay-Si Luna tells her story of how burlesque is a celebration of atypicality. “Being different and not fitting any kind of norm doesn’t mean that you’re bad. It doesn’t mean that you’re unlovable,” says performer Lay-Si Luna, who illuminates the duality of gender and everything that falls between the two.

“Burlesque and WHY is a way that I can tell my story to other women who have shame surrounding their body regarding their size… You don’t have to treat your body like a cage,” says fat performer Magnoliah Black.

“We are more than what exists right now. We are all the people that have come before and all the people that we’re representing, their struggles are a thing,” says the Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins.

For more than 10 years Red Hots Burlesque has brought New York City and San Francisco a home for some of the world’s biggest marqueed burlesque stars and local talents to your dive bars and community spaces. Red Hots Burlesque has been featured in many publications, such as The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The New York Times, and the San Francisco Weekly. Some of these performers are stepping out from the costumes and big hair and makeup to shed a stark light on their stories, with humor, grace, and, yes, tease.

This all-star cast includes legend Ellion Ness, Red Hots Burlesque producer Dottie Lux, the Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, Magnoliah Black, Lay-Si Luna, and Alexa Von Kickinface.

For hi-res photos, interviews with performers, or a quote directly from the Red Hots Burlesque, please contact Dottie Lux 415-672-4735 redhotsburlesque@gmail.com.

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