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School of Shimmy


You've heard about a burlesque revival. You've seen snippets of this sensation in the press and on T.V. Now it's time for you to get in on the action! Calling all divas, cool cats, harlots, dames hot mamas and daddy-o's, RED HOTS BURLESQUE SCHOOL OF SHIMMY is for you! If you have always dreamed of being a burlesque star or just want to learn what all this fun is all about you too can be Red Hot! The PRESS loves SCHOOL OF SHIMMY see our MEDIA page for coverage of our class series.

Bring a friend or meet some in the class. Burlesque is about having fun! Bring a smile and an open mind because we're going to let loose as you learn to shake it with confidence and class! We love to bring the school to you! You name the time and we'll make it happen. CONTACT US and let's get shakin'! All classes are open to students of any age or gender who want to shake it on stage or in the bedroom. No previous dance or performance experience is required. No deposit needed for class, however space is very limited and reservations are strongly encouraged. To reserve a spot email: redhotsburlesque @ gmail . com with S.O.S. in the subject line. State which class(es) you are interested in and don't forget inquire about discounted rates! All classes are $30, unless otherwise noted.  

Class List

Illuminating Costumes with Laika Fox @ Center for Sex and Culture
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

All that glitters may be gold but all that glows is platinum! Have you ever wanted to make a costume that glows but were scared to mess with ‘all that nerdy tech stuff’? come talk nerdy with us and learn how to electrify your costumes. Electro-luminescent (EL) wire and LEDs are easy to use once you understand the basics. In this class you’ll learn to solder the components of EL wire and LED projects and a few different ways to use them on costumes. We’ll also provide resources for buying EL wire and LED supplies. Kits available for an additional fee ($10-30)


Glamorous Self-Care with Hunny Bunny @ Center for Sex and Culture
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
photo by Babycakes Boudoir Photo
10446011_652647524811602_5870359101503581399_nAfter the glitter: Glamorous self care for performers… Join Hunny Bunny for this unique workshop focused on stretching, relaxing and make up removal. Learn simple, natural mind and body techniques to keep your inner sparkle as bright as your costumes!
You will practice stretches/warm up and cool down techniques from the Barbary Coast’s very own Bendy Barbie… did you know that she is also a native and edible plant specialist?! Every participant will leave with a goodie bag full of readily available herbs, oils and potions that can be picked or purchased in your area.
Burlesque Styling with Dottie Lux @ Good Vibrations Polk Street
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

BURLESQUE STYLING with Dottie Lux- @ Good Vibrations 10982103883_ea7a292fcf_z

Are you hitting the stage as a kitten or are trying to get your burlesque look together for a new act or theme party? Dottie Lux will show you all the special secrets you’ll need to get the fashion and silhouette down right. We will go over the basics of fishnets, fluttery underthings, crinoline, wigs, lashes, lips and hips! If you have something you are working with please feel free to bring it! This class will mix demo with hands-on practice and technique.

CHOREOGRAPHY with Alotta Boutte @ Center For Sex and Culture
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

July 16th 7-9p Center for Sex and Culture CHOREOGRAPHY with Alotta Boutté

july 16

Teaches choreography

Learn how to radiate onstage and command your audience with just a look or flick of the wrist! This class  is  designed  to  help  you  get  into  your  skin  so  you  can  own  the  stage.  Through  dance  and choreography, we’ll explore what’s it’s like  to be in your body, learn how it moves and what stage presence physically  feels like. Funny, educational, and good  for all levels of movers, Alotta  teaches you how to expand your presence and take up space while making you laugh, shimmy, shake, bump, grind, and have a damn good time. Wear your dance clothes. Heels welcome but not required.

Club Chiffon: Pin-up Workshop @ Good Vibrations Polk Street
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Club Chiffon: A Showgrrrl’s Guide to Pin Up & Glamour
“When I think of the words “pin up” I think of a WOMYN who shows and shares her beauty through strength and confidence, reflected through the gestures of her body.” says Sugar Cane Jane of Bebop Boudoir.

Drawing inspiration from the heyday eras of iconic pin up imagery, this comprehensive pose, poise & presentation workshop will help you to not only familiarize yourself with the natural accentuation of your body’s lines onstage and in front of the camera, but throughout the every day hullabaloo of life. We will practice & explore positioning and movements that will break down and gloriously redefine what it means to be a modern day bombshell regardless of size, complexion or stature, drawing from within. Please bring comfortable yet form fitting attire along with a pair of high heeled shoes, as we will be doing warms ups, active posing and full body extension exploration. Workshop attendees are also encouraged to bring your favorite lipstick and an accessory or small playful prop, ie, jewelry, small fan, boa, large tassel, etc. Bobby pins for anyone who would like to experiment with hair movement will be provided.

Are you a Breast Cancer Survivor? Learn how you can take classes for free! Want to donate to survivors taking classes? See our PINK LIGHT page.

Our Mission:Pink Light Bay Area provides burlesque classes based on the table of contents in the Burlesque Handbook, written by Jo Weldon. These classes will remain free to all survivors and those currently receiving treatment for breast cancer. Pink Light Bay Area will have a focus on finding fun. These classes are pointed at women looking for a one-two punch of fierce femininity and silly celebration to help reclaim their bodies. As Pink Light as a whole works towards non-profit status we will be seeking supporters and partners such as Center for Sex and Culture which will provide space for this classes and other materials needed. All students are potential teachers as we aim to spread this experience as far and wide as possible. These classes are also available to any friends or caregivers of a survivors as long as they are attending with those personally impacted by breast cancer. Get back and give back to yourself!