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School of Shimmy


You've heard about a burlesque revival. You've seen snippets of this sensation in the press and on T.V. Now it's time for you to get in on the action! Calling all divas, cool cats, harlots, dames hot mamas and daddy-o's, RED HOTS BURLESQUE SCHOOL OF SHIMMY is for you! If you have always dreamed of being a burlesque star or just want to learn what all this fun is all about you too can be Red Hot! The PRESS loves SCHOOL OF SHIMMY see our MEDIA page for coverage of our class series.

Bring a friend or meet some in the class. Burlesque is about having fun! Bring a smile and an open mind because we're going to let loose as you learn to shake it with confidence and class! We love to bring the school to you! You name the time and we'll make it happen. CONTACT US and let's get shakin'! All classes are open to students of any age or gender who want to shake it on stage or in the bedroom. No previous dance or performance experience is required. No deposit needed for class, however space is very limited and reservations are strongly encouraged. To reserve a spot email: redhotsburlesque @ gmail . com with S.O.S. in the subject line. State which class(es) you are interested in and don't forget inquire about discounted rates! All classes are $30, unless otherwise noted.  

Class List

Fabric Work with Isis Starr @ Center For Sex and Culture
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Isis Starr performs at Helsinki Burlesque Festival

Isis Starr performs at Helsinki Burlesque Festival

Dusters, robes, capes, fabric of any kind can all set flight in your fingertips. Mater the art of cape-work with Isis Starr is the original material girl, she can spin anything that has a natural flow.In this workshop you will learn to handle material in a way that will allow it to flow around your body with ease and grace and elegance. You will bring a duster, piece of fabric, cape  or something you want to learn to handle with grace. You will also learn what materials work better than others. Isis will demonstrate arm movements that will get material flowing and spinning. You will learn what to do and what not to do. This is a workshop for all levels.
About the Instructor: Performing since the 1960′s Living Legend of Burlesque, Isis Starr began her career in dance with the San Francisco Ballet and has danced in variety of Contemporary and Modern dance companies, before embarking on Burlesque. She has been around the world twice on a G-string .She brings you Form and Face, Style and Grace. Isis Starr redefines the art of Scared dance for all to see. Her performances is a celebration of Life, a statement of herself and an outpouring of the Divine Feminine and an adventure in sensuality.

The Burlesque Body: It’s not what you think. @ Center For Sex and Culture
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Burlesque Body It’s Not What You Think!

Get to know your body and how to show it off in the best light with Dottie Lux of Red Hots Burlesque and School of Shimmy! This class is great for performers and for anyone who wants to get a better sense of their body. Learn to stand on your own two feet and be sure in that stance. Command the stage, get comfortable in your body, claim space — get the Burlesque Body you are looking for and be amazed when you find your mind is the most powerful muscle you can work out. This class will include confidence building exercises and a discussion on everyday harm reduction as well as creating a strong silhouette. Find your power pose — and bring it with you everywhere!

If you are interested in booking us please e-mail us at to book your party

If you are interested in booking us please e-mail us at to book your party

Dance Tech with Mojo DeVille @ Center For Sex and Culture
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The Body Jerk : Dance Tech

Who are we behind the velvet curtain, the boa, or the rouged knee? How can we challenge the current stereotypes surrounding sexuality utilizing the power of movement, control and musicality? Brush up your high kicks and learn some new tricks. Mojo DeVille will put the wiggle back in your walk!

Cultivated in the veins of the NYC underground, Mojo encapsulates an elegant juxtaposition of glamour, urban heat, rock & roll fetishism and tribal chic. A whirlwind of striking beauty and decadent mania, her unique style of burlesque lends itself to her hip-hop, contemporary and funk dance roots. You’ve seen her in cahoots with MTV, Mythbusters and more. Play and plie’ with the high priestess of perversion this Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and sexy.


Chair Dancing with Ariyana La Fey @ Center for Sex and Culture
9:30 pm – 11:30 pm


Chair dancing!

Learn all the ins, outs, ups, and downs of working with one of the most ubiquitous props around, the chair!
Sure you can sit on it to take off your stockings, but what else?  Ariyana La Fey will lead the class through some introductory warmups and exercises to help make you comfortable with the basics of chair dancing, and then we’ll build a short routine together!  You’ll leave with all kinds of homework and inspiration to continue your personal explorations with a chair.  If you already have a favorite chair, please bring it!

Are you a Breast Cancer Survivor? Learn how you can take classes for free! Want to donate to survivors taking classes? See our PINK LIGHT page.

Our Mission:Pink Light Bay Area provides burlesque classes based on the table of contents in the Burlesque Handbook, written by Jo Weldon. These classes will remain free to all survivors and those currently receiving treatment for breast cancer. Pink Light Bay Area will have a focus on finding fun. These classes are pointed at women looking for a one-two punch of fierce femininity and silly celebration to help reclaim their bodies. As Pink Light as a whole works towards non-profit status we will be seeking supporters and partners such as Center for Sex and Culture which will provide space for this classes and other materials needed. All students are potential teachers as we aim to spread this experience as far and wide as possible. These classes are also available to any friends or caregivers of a survivors as long as they are attending with those personally impacted by breast cancer. Get back and give back to yourself!