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School of Shimmy


You've heard about a burlesque revival. You've seen snippets of this sensation in the press and on T.V. Now it's time for you to get in on the action! Calling all divas, cool cats, harlots, dames hot mamas and daddy-o's, RED HOTS BURLESQUE SCHOOL OF SHIMMY is for you! If you have always dreamed of being a burlesque star or just want to learn what all this fun is all about you too can be Red Hot! The PRESS loves SCHOOL OF SHIMMY see our MEDIA page for coverage of our class series.

Bring a friend or meet some in the class. Burlesque is about having fun! Bring a smile and an open mind because we're going to let loose as you learn to shake it with confidence and class! We love to bring the school to you! You name the time and we'll make it happen. CONTACT US and let's get shakin'! All classes are open to students of any age or gender who want to shake it on stage or in the bedroom. No previous dance or performance experience is required. No deposit needed for class, however space is very limited and reservations are strongly encouraged. To reserve a spot email: redhotsburlesque @ gmail . com with S.O.S. in the subject line. State which class(es) you are interested in and don't forget inquire about discounted rates! All classes are $30, unless otherwise noted.  

Class List

Jazz + Burlesque with Kitty Oaks @ Fat Chance Bellydance
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Jazz + Burlesque
Sunday 5/15/16, 7 – 8:30pm

Jazz + Burlesque go together like slink and strut. This class covers classic jazz dance technique characterized by the use of isolations to syncopated music. In Jazz + Burlesque, Miss Kitty helps you develop isolations using standard jazz shapes from head to toe. You’ll learn and apply the foundations of classic jazz technique including working from parallel, inverting body lines, and embodying musical accents to the likes of Jessi J., Sammy Davis Jr., and Tom Waits. Combinations throughout the technique portion of class are drawn on during phrase work and choreography, a fun way to integrate and refine what you have already learned!

Class includes:
- warm-up
- center technique
- combinations across the floor

- phrase work and choreography - cool down


Form-fitting, comfortable clothing (dance clothes, leggings, etc.) and soft-soled dance shoes (leather/canvas jazz shoes, ballroom shoes, etc.) recommended. No shoes? No problem! Class can also be taken barefoot!

Miss Kitty Oaks is a dance-based performer, teacher, and choreographer. She draws heavily on her 25+ years of dance training and 10+ years of professional dance experience, particularly so when teaching. Culling language from a library of modalities, Miss Kitty’s classes are accessible to anyone with a will to move who is ready to explore with their body.

On stage, her lifetime spent dancing coupled with a burnin’ love of burlesque make Kitty’s performances a stimulating experience. Whether whisking audiences off to worlds of sensuous divinity or commanding the room with magnetic artistry, this gem of a performer shares many facets of herself through the art of burlesque. She sheds garments like she sheds layers of patriarchal propriety. Hailed from The Windy City to the Golden State for her mesmerizing movement and her dancer’s derriere, Miss Kitty Oaks hopes to elevate, illuminate, and titillate the world with her burlesque.

Revealesque – with Koko La Douce* @ Little Boxes Theater
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Burlesque Awakening – with Koko La Douce*

If you come with me … I show you how to fly!

exotic, extravagant, érotique

Let your personality grow a pair of wings. Unravel your feminine potential. Awaken to the burlesque way of living.

No force – but lots of joy – for people from 18 – 89

Be warned of the following side-effects: More pepper, more salt and definitely more LOVE (for yourself and others).

The workshop will be held in english

* Award winner at Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012, Las Vegas

Classic w/a Twist – with Kelly Ann Doll @ Little Boxes Theater
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Classic with a twist:
Kelly Ann Doll is bringing her signature performance workshop to San Francisco
Learn all the tips and tricks to unleash your inner showgirl including the art of classic tease and working that stage!
No dance experience necessary, just bring yourself,  a smile and a little nerve!
Dress code: what ever makes you feel good.. (just no sneakers)
This workshop has sold out across Australia, so get in quick to reserve your spot for this very special session with one of Australia’s best in Burlesque!
“Kelly is an absolute diamond mine of invaluable advice. Even if you have no plans at all to grace the stage, this a worthwhile and empowering session” Kylie – Owner of Kylie J Pole and Burlesque 
“Poise & Elegance with Eliza DeLite” @ Little Boxes Theater
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

“Poise & Elegance with Eliza DeLite”
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Level: Best suited to beginners, but all levels welcome.
In this workshop you will learn about body positioning and poise and the importance of polishing a move things such as the delicacy of hands and well positioned feet. Learn to move fluidly across the space and to listen to the different qualities of the music. Find your inner elegance through a series of games and technique exercises, and with the use of vintage reference materials such as old follies & burlesque pictures curated by Eliza as a source of inspiration for creating beautiful shapes and lines with the body. The workshop culminates in learning a simple routine which includes creating a posed group tableau.
Students will need to wear comfortable clothing such as leggings, t-shirts, leotards, shorts and bring comfortable low heeled shoes (no platform or stiletto shoes). Students should also bring a paperback book.

Award Winning International Burlesque Artist

- London 2014

- LAS VEGAS 2013
- London 2012



Stocking Peels with Ada Lavender @ Little Boxes Theater
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

School of Shimmy: Stocking Peels with Ada Lavender
4/17/16 7-9 $25 advance $30 at the door
sign up by emailing

Whether you’re new to the stocking peel game, or looking to get creative with your peels, this two-hour workshop with Ada Lavender will help you with both. From garter and shoe strategies, to practicing standing and sitting stocking peels, you’ll leave with an arsenal of tricks in your bag! Feeling adventurous? You’ll even get the chance to learn Ada’s signature headstand stocking peel – or come up with your own creative peel!

BYO stockings, garter, and dance heels if you have them
Stockings will be available for sale

Tall glass of champagne Ada Lavender originally hails from the Windy City, but is now a certified California girl. A dancer since elementary school, Ada specializes in performing burlesque and Brazilian samba. She has trained samba and capoeira throughout the United States and Brazil since 2005, and was introduced to the world of burlesque in 2009 through training first at Michelle L’Amour’s Studio L’Amour in Chicago, and then with Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers in San Francisco. She has been a company member of both Hot Pink Feathers and Kiss Kiss Cabaret (in Chicago), and has performed on stages for Red Hots Burlesque, Hubba Hubba Revue, Tiki Oasis, Tease-o-rama, Vaudezilla, the Windy City Burlesque Festival, and more. Fink out more about her at



Choreography Made EASY with Red Bone @ Little Boxes Theater
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Description: All dance moves can be altered to fit any setting simply by changing the music, intention or mental picture of what you are creating aka freestyling.  RedBone will teach a simple combination of steps that you will then repeat with several different genres of music, characters and visualization.


Are you a Breast Cancer Survivor? Learn how you can take classes for free! Want to donate to survivors taking classes? See our PINK LIGHT page.

Our Mission:Pink Light Bay Area provides burlesque classes based on the table of contents in the Burlesque Handbook, written by Jo Weldon. These classes will remain free to all survivors and those currently receiving treatment for breast cancer. Pink Light Bay Area will have a focus on finding fun. These classes are pointed at women looking for a one-two punch of fierce femininity and silly celebration to help reclaim their bodies. As Pink Light as a whole works towards non-profit status we will be seeking supporters and partners such as Center for Sex and Culture which will provide space for this classes and other materials needed. All students are potential teachers as we aim to spread this experience as far and wide as possible. These classes are also available to any friends or caregivers of a survivors as long as they are attending with those personally impacted by breast cancer. Get back and give back to yourself!