Fan Dancing with Balla Fire

January 24, 2015 @ 5:30 am – 7:30 am
Center For Sex and Culture
1349 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

9593800849_10fafecd35**Fan Dancing with Balla Fire**  Balla Fire has been seen flittering about stages all over the Bay Area and will teach you how to conceal and reveal with your fans. Various techniques and movements will be discussed. Learn to let the fans do the work as you move about, behind, and beneath them. BYO fans if you have them, any fans will do, as will a couple of mead notebooks, trash can lids, large serving platters, or anything your imagination can conjure. Fixed open ostrich feather fans and veiled fans will be used for demonstration, or Balla may snag your trash can lids to share tips and tricks. Small folding fans will also be provided to students. Fan (or trash can lid) dancing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Come dance and giggle with us for the evening.

About this teacher: Miss Balla Fire, cofounder of Sin Sisters Burlesque in Santa Cruz, has left a swath of creative destruction on the burlesque landscape since 2005, a natural progression from the trail of broken hearts and stolen souls from her more vernal and carefree days. Once she began performing, this ingrained pattern of aggressive invasion gave her the social grace to rapidly become one of the premier creative leads in the Bay Area’s rich burlesque scene. Featuring regularly as one of the brightest stars in all Bay Area shows. In her hometown of Santa Cruz, the Sin Sisters reign supreme with one of the biggest and most elegant monthly burlesque shows in the country, on the second Saturday of each month. And they also beckon you to join their glamorous world by offering burlesque classes for all skill levels. For more information (or to get your pants back), see