Jazz And Burlesque Class

February 18, 2018 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Dogpatch Dance
435 23rd St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Jazz + Burlesque go together like slink and strut. This class covers classic jazz dance technique characterized by the use of isolations to syncopated music. In Jazz + Burlesque, Miss Kitty helps you develop isolations using standard jazz shapes from head to toe. You’ll learn and apply the foundations of classic jazz technique including working from parallel, inverting body lines, and embodying musical accents to the likes of Jessi J., Sammy Davis Jr., and Tom Waits. Combinations throughout the technique portion of class are drawn on during phrase work and choreography, a fun way to integrate and refine what you have already learned!

Class includes:
– warm-up
– center technique
– combinations across the floor

– phrase work and choreography – cool down

Form-fitting, comfortable clothing (dance clothes, leggings, etc.) and soft-soled dance shoes (leather/canvas jazz shoes, ballroom shoes, etc.) recommended. No shoes? No problem! Class can also be taken barefoot!

Miss Kitty Oaks is a dance-based performer, teacher, and choreographer. She draws heavily on her 25+ years of dance training and 10+ years of professional dance experience, particularly so when teaching. Culling language from a library of modalities, Miss Kitty’s classes are accessible to anyone with a will to move who is ready to explore with their body.

On stage, her lifetime spent dancing coupled with a burnin’ love of burlesque make Kitty’s performances a stimulating experience. Whether whisking audiences off to worlds of sensuous divinity or commanding the room with magnetic artistry, this gem of a performer shares many facets of herself through the art of burlesque. She sheds garments like she sheds layers of patriarchal propriety. Hailed from The Windy City to the Golden State for her mesmerizing movement and her dancer’s derriere, Miss Kitty Oaks hopes to elevate, illuminate, and titillate the world with her burlesque.