Pink Light

Jo Boobs of New York School of Burlesque teaches her Pink Light students.

Jo Boobs of New York School of Burlesque teaches her Pink Light students.

Pink Light Burlesque-Bay Area (PLB-BA) will be offering free burlesque classes to breast cancer patients and survivors.

If you would like to donate to the Bay Area Chapter exclusively please click this link to our paypal:


If you would like to donate to our parent chapter in New York please email

Thank you! You are making all the difference.

 Burlesque celebrates the human drive to amuse, provoke, charm, and seduce. The Pink Light Burlesque project invites survivors to take classes to experience the joyous and body-loving fun so many burlesque students embrace.  We here at PLB-BA believe that breast cancer treatment includes more than just the body.  The emotional and spiritual side of treatment is sometimes overlooked.  Our project aims to remedy this by celebrating every woman in every phase of treatment.

 We are not yet a nonprofit organization, but we gratefully accept donations for specific documentable purposes, as we are preparing to launch into our first session for 2014. For instance, San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture has generously donated studio space for our first series.  Your donation will provide tuition for qualifying students.

 These classes will be held in honor of Jennie Lee, the founder of The Burlesque Hall of Fame, who passed away from Breast Cancer in 1990.

 We are particularly excited about this project since one of our very own Bay Area burlesque performers, Ginger Skyye, recently battled and won her fight with breast cancer.

Please contact Ginger for details about donating to PLB-BA,

Please enjoy this video from Pink Light‘s flagship NYC location and from headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque, Jo “Boobs” Weldon.

Our Mission Pink Light Bay Area provides burlesque classes based on the table of contents in the Burlesque Handbook, written by Jo Weldon. These classes will remain free to all survivors and those currently receiving treatment for breast cancer. Pink Light Bay Area will have a focus on finding fun. These classes are pointed at women looking for a one-two punch of fierce femininity and silly celebration to help reclaim their bodies. As Pink Light as a whole works towards non-profit status we will be seeking supporters and partners such as Center for Sex and Culture which will provide space for this classes and other materials needed. All students are potential teachers as we aim to spread this experience as far and wide as possible. These classes are also available to any friends or caregivers of a survivors as long as they are attending with those personally impacted by breast cancer. Get back and give back to yourself!