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10 Ways To Produce a Burlesque Show Safe From Misogyny

No Comments30 June 10:07

**Warning this list speaks to burlesque performers as women. I acknowledge there are male burlesque performers and performers who reside outside the binary gender spectrum; for the sake of being concise I am speaking generally and from a woman’s perspective.**   1. Pay Your Performers I know, what a silly thing to start off with. Isn’t it a given […]

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Isis Starr

No Comments27 June 17:59
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Elyse Elaine

No Comments20 June 17:57
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Little Karma Bomb

No Comments13 June 18:00
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Blue Charisma

No Comments6 June 17:54
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Ariyana La Fey

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Kitty Von Quim

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Eva Rose

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Sgt. Die Wies

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Daft-Nee Gesuntheit

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Ol’ Fashion BurlyQ @ Shelton Theater
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